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The Selkie: A Song of Many Waters

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In 2016, Fay Roberts took zir first solo spoken word show to Edinburgh Fringe - a story mythologising a modern life, where people are, for the most part, replaced by mermaids, dragons, kelpies, trolls, birds and beasts and other, less easily definable creatures. In a world where everyone has an invisible twin, who whispers ambitions and restrictions to them, we meet a selkie - a shiftless shapeshifter, a seal who has lost her skin, and doesn't understand her heritage for a long, long time.

Fay Roberts (Hammer & Tongue, Allographic, Other Voices) navigates a modern mythological sea voyage of poetry, music, and storytelling in a show captured in book form and on CD. Illustrated throughout by Sa'adiah Khan's beautiful drawings, along with bonus materials, this is the perfect companion piece to the show shortlisted for Best Spoken Word Show in the Saboteur Awards 2017.

Some reviews:

"Poetry meets story-telling meets beauty." (Vanessa Horton, Bard of Stony Stratford)

"One of the richest spoken word shows I have seen." (Saboteur award voter)

"Poetic deft, oddly topical, beautifully bizarre, funny, haunting, sparkling - spoken word at its very best." (Audience review)